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Safety device for coconut climbing machine

Application: When attached the safety device provides fool proof safety to the person climbing coconut using the Chemberi model coconut climbing machine

Unit cost: Rs.250/- (excluding the cost of body harness)

Coconut chips

Application: Coconut chips with different flavour sweet, salted and etc. can be prepared. 
Unit cost : Rs.1.5 lakh 
Output capacity: 300 coconuts / day

Snow Ball Tender Nut Machine

Application: To produce snowball tendernut from tender coconut
Unit cost : Rs.20,000/-
Output capacity: Ten snowball tendernuts per hour

Shell Fired Copra Dryer

Application/Use: For drying coconut to make copra for oil extraction
Unit cost: Rs.33000/-
Output Capacity:1000 nuts per batch

Tender nut punch and cutter

Application/Use: For drinking tender nut water
Unit cost: Rs.3500/-
Output Capacity: 150 – 200 nuts/hr

Virgin Coconut Oil by Fermentation and Hot Process Method

Application: To produce Virgin Coconut Oil from coconut milk – a value added product from coconut   Unit cost : Rs.5,50,000/- Output capacity: 500 nuts/day.

Vermicomposting of coconut farm waste by Earth worm

Unit cost : Rs. /-

 Coconut De-Shelling Machine

The Coconut De-Shelling Machine is to remove shell from partially dried copra of moisture content 35 % d.b. The batch type machine has a capacity of de-shelling 200 coconuts per batch.




Coconut shell removing machine

The coconut shell removing machine reduces both time and drudgery involved in the manual de-shelling process. It also gives coconut kernal in single piece so that testa removing would be easy. The machine is quite gender friendly, even a lady can operate the machine with minimum experience. The machine has a capacity to remove the shell of 120 coconuts per hour. An experienced person could achieve a capacity of 150 coconuts per hour.



*Disclaimer: Institute will not be responsible for the failure of the safety device, if any, occurring due to any deviation from the design specifications.


Technologies for commercialisation



Coconut Varieties

  1.  Chowghat Orange Dwarf (Tender nut variety)
  2. Kera Chandra
  3. Chandra Kalpa
  4. Kalpa Dhenu
  5. Kalpa Mitra
  6. Kalpa Pratibha
  7. Kalpa Raksha
  8. Kalpasree
  9. Kalpatharu
  10. Kalpa Jyothi
  11. Kalpa Surya
  12. Kalpa Haritha

Coconut Hybrids

  1. Chandra Laksha
  2. Chandra Sankara
  3. Kera Sankara
  4. Kalpa Samrudhi
  5. Kalpa Sankara

Arecanut Varieties

  1. Mangala
  2. Sumangala
  3. Sreemangala
  4. Mohitnagar
  5. Swarnamangala
  6. Kahikuchi

Arecanut Hybrids

  1. VTLAH1
  2. VTLAH2

Cocoa Varieties

  1. VTLCC-1
  2. VTLCS-1
  3. VTLCS-2

Cocoa Hybrids

  1. VTLCH-1
  2. VTLCH-2
  3. VTLCH-3
  4. VTLCH-4


  1. Mass production of arecanut varieties by tissue culture.
  2. Embryo collection protocol for coconut germplasm collection.


  1. PGPRs for coconut and cocoa.
  2. Bioagent- Oryctes Baculovirus against Rhinoceros Beetle.
  3. Bioagents such as- Goniozus nephantidis and Bracon brevicornis against coconut black headed caterpillar, Opisina arenosella.
  4. Production of oyster mushroom using arecanut wastes.
  5. Mass production of Trichoderma and Metarhizium using cocoa sweating as medium.
  6. On-farm production of Trichoderma and Metarhizium using cocoa wastes.

Devices and machinery

  1. Coconut de-shelling machine (Patent: 233742)
  2. Tender nut punch and cutter (Patent: 233744)
  3. Telescopic sprayer for Palms (Patent: 246751)
  4. Snow Ball Tender nut Machine.
  5. Shell Fired Copra Dryer.
  6. Solar- cum- Electrical- cum- Agricultural Waste Fired Dryer.
  7. Solar Tunnel Dryer.
  8. Agricultural Waste Fired Copra Dryer.
  9. Coconut shell removing machine
  10. Construction of permanent semi-underground mushroom house.


Product/ process

  1. Coconut leaf vermicompost.
  2. Coconut Chips.
  3. Virgin coconut oil preparation by fermentation.
  4. Virgin coconut oil preparation by hot processing.
  5. Coconut water squash.
  6. Neera collection technique
  7. Coconut sugar, coconut jaggery and coconut honey 
  8. Technical knowhow on production of Kalpa Krunch (coconut based snack)
  9. Preservation of carbonated tender coconut water
  10.  Coconut Frozen Delicacy (pure coconut vegan frozen dessert)
  11. Matured Coconut water based value added products (Vinegar, Jelly, Squash)


Planting Material Price List




Planting Material  Price List


Planting Material

Price List






Coconut seednuts

WCT and other cultivars 1 19.80

Dwarf Varieties



Arecanut seednuts

Mohitnagar variety



Mangala, Sumangala, Sreemangla,Swarnamangala varieties



Coconut seedling

West Coast Tall/Other Varieties



Dwarf 1 38.50




Arecanut seedling

Improved Varieties


Hybrids 1 30.00
Dwarf varieties 1 15.00

Cocoa seedlings

Graft 1 13.20
Seedlings 1 6.00

Other inputs

Mushroom spawn (Peurotus)

250g Pkt






1 Kg




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