Farmers training programme on agronomic practices for juvenile coconut was held in MPDO hall in Koyyur

Farmers training programme on agronomic practices for juvenile coconut was held in MPDO hall in Koyyur on 16.7.19. It was organised in collaboration with ITDA Paderu, Visakhapatnam.   Dr. K. Muralidharan, Nodal Officer, TSP and Mr. Prabakara Rao, PHO, ITDA Paderu handled the session.  The programme was attended by 70 farmers.  Later they were provided with fertilizers required for the second year application.   Assessment of seedlings required for gap filling was also made.




The ninety first Foundation Day of Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) has been celebrated  on 16thJuly 2019  at  ICAR-CPCRI, Kasaragod. Dr.  K .M. Sreekumar Professor, Agricultural Entomology, College of Horticulture, Kerala Agricultural University,  Padannakkad was the chief guest.  In his address, he narrated the history of developments in Indian agriculture  and about the contribution of ICAR  for achieving self-sufficiency in food production. Dr. K.M. Sreekumar remembering the historical famine in India and those days of existence waiting for the ship bringing ration to feed hungry mouth, being dependent on foreign food. We were humiliated on those days by the western countries.ICAR supported the Indian farmers with technologies for improving agriculture and helping the country to become second in the world in agricultural production. Today we are heading towards the topmost populated country due to the green revolution, but with only 2% cropping area in the world. Compared to China, US and Europe, our country uses a very low amount of pesticides but portrayed as pesticide polluted crop produces in the global market. We have to overcome many challenges and there is a lot of scope for agriculture.

Dr. K. B. Hebbar, Director In-charge, has presided over the function. In his speech, he stressed the importance of agriculture and recalled the contribution of Dr M S Swaminathan and Dr Kurian in Green and White Revolution respectively.

Various competitions such as quiz competition for farmers, quiz and painting competition for students,  extempore speech competition for the staff of CPCRI were conducted. Dr. Sreekumar distributed prizes to the winners of the various competitions.

In the quiz competition, the first prize was bagged by the farmers under Mogral Puthur Krishi Bhavan. Members of the team include Mrs. Khadeeja Mohammed, Mr. Mohammed Rafeeque C A, Mr. K P Narayanan Nair and Mr. Abdulla Kunhi B I. The second prize was bagged by the farmers under Kasaragod Krishi Bhavan. Members of the team include Mr. Abdul Hakeem T., Mr. M A Abdul Khader and Mr. Rama Naik A. Third prize was bagged by the farmers under Chengala Krishi Bhavan. Members of the team include Mr. K Gopalan and Mr. Narayanan Pady.

In the quiz competition for students, the first prize was bagged by students from Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2, Ms. Anashwara Vishal and Ms. Anagha A. Girish. Second prize was bagged by students from Kendriya Vidhyalaya No.1, CPCRI, Kasaragod, Ms. C. Keerthana and Mr. Aswin S.

The third prize was bagged by students from TIHSS, Naimarmoola, Ms. Swathi Shivaji and Ms. Bhavya K.

In the Drawing Competition, first prize was awarded to Ms. Sakeena Hiba Shahzeen M.A. from TIHSS, second prize was awarded to Mr. Sahil Fardeen M from Chinmaya Vidyalaya and third prize was awarded to Ms. Ahna A. from KV. No 1, CPCRI.

In Extempore Speech Competition for the staff of ICAR-CPCRI, first prize was bagged by Dr. Neenu S, Scientist, second prize by Mr. Karunakaran S., Clerk and third prize by Mr. A. Neil Vincer, AAO, CPCRI.

Dr. C. Thamban, Principal  Scientist, ICAR-CPCRI, welcomed  the  gathering and                          Dr. Daliyamol,Scientist proposed the vote of thanks.


Training programme conducted by ICAR-CPCRI, in collaboration with ITDA Paderu

ICAR-CPCRI, in collaboration with  ITDA Paderu, conducted a training programme on 'cashew cultivation' on 15th July 2019 in the MPDO hall in Koyyur, Paderu, Andhra Pradesh, as part of TSP.   Dr. Narasimhalu Murty, Associate Professor, HRS (Dr.YSRHU), Yenkupalayam and Mr. Prabakara Rao, PHO, ITDA handled classes.  Later, 6250 cashew grafts were distributed benefiting 100 tribal farmers in the ITDA area. Mr. Prabakara Rao,  APO, ITDA inaugurated the distribution of planting materials.   Dr. K. Muralidharan, Head (SS), presided over the function.

      ITDA handled  classes

Distribution of planting materials

ICAR-CPCRI convened a Seminar cum Demonstration on Advances in Palm Health Management at Mandya on 10-07-2019

A one-day Seminar cum Demonstration on Advances in Palm Health Management was conducted at DSP farm, Mandya, Karnataka on 10-07-2019 by ICAR-CPCRI in collaboration with Coconut Development Board. The highlight of the programme was the new tractor-mounted Air Blast Sprayer for coconut developed by ICAR-CPCRI in collaboration with M/S ASPEE with the financial assistance of Coconut Development Board. The sprayer is developed for the effective delivery of water on the under surface of palms leaflets for dislodging the invasive whiteflies and cleaning up the pest-laden leaf surface for the bio-suppression of whiteflies. The demonstration of the sprayer was conducted in the auspicious presence of Sri. Shankar Narayana Reddy, Member, CDB. Kochi, and attended by about 100 farmers. Dr. AC Mathew, Pr. Scientist highlighted the technical aspects of the sprayer. Important parts of the sprayer and how it is coupled to the PTO of the tractor was explained to farmers prior to the operation of the sprayer for spraying water to the coconut leaves. The farmers gathered for the demonstration sought information on the commercialization of the tractor mounted sprayer, especially the cost and from where it would be available. They were informed that after the technical evaluation and modifications, if required, the machine would be available from M/S ASPEE, Aspee House, B.J. Patel Road, Malad West, Mumbai-400064, Maharashtra. Since the sprayer is still in development stage the price of the same was not worked out. However, it is expected to be less than 2.0 lakhs excluding tractor. The farmers requested the Board to make it available in a subsidized rate.

Unlike in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, two different types of Neotropical whiteflies, viz., coconut whitefly (Aleurotrachelus atratus) and nesting whitefly (Paraleyrodes minei) could be observed in Mandya and by the small sized adults of these whiteflies, the quantum of honey dew excreted and subsequent sooty mould deposits were found to be very low on the palms. These whiteflies were in the receding phase in the farm by competitive displacement of both the species as well as conservation biological control using the Cybocephalus sp. and lady beetles. The population of the common rugose spiralling whitefly (Aleurodicus rugioperculatus) and Bondar’s Nesting whitefly (Paraleyrodes bondari) was found to be bare minimum. Pesticide holiday promoted by ICAR-CPCRI was found to be effective in the bio-suppression of invasive whiteflies in the region. In addition, classical bio-scavenging programme by the release of the sooty mould scavenger beetle, Leiochrinus niligirianus collected from Kerala was also undertaken for the local establishment of these imported beetles by the ICAR-CPCRI team.

The Seminar on “Advances in Palm Health Management” was conducted in a nearby hall attended by more than 150 farmers. Sri. Shankar Narayana Reddy, Member, CDB. Kochi inaugurated the seminar and called upon the farmers to keenly understand the cutting edge technologies disseminated by ICAR-CPCRI scientists for the holistic development of coconut sector in the region. He also complimented the efforts of ICAR-CPCRI in the societal outreach of new technologies at the farmer’s doorstep. Sri H. B. Ramesh, President, Halawadi Panchayat, presided over the function.

In the technical session, Dr. Vinayaka Hegde, Head, Division of Crop Protection highlighted the pest and disease management solution in coconut for doubling the farmer’s income in future. The management strategies were mostly eco-friendly in nature as well as environmentally safe for the society. In his special discourse, Dr. Ravi Bhat, Head, Division of Crop Production emphasized on the soil-test based health management approaches in coconut for reaping long-term beneficial effect in terms of inclusive farming, continuous employment and income. He reiterated that every farmer hold a soil health card for accomplishing nutrient use efficiency in the system. Dr. A. Joseph Rajkumar, Pr. Scientist, outlined the importance of Pedigree, Protection, Production, Processing auguring prosperity among farmers and narrated strategies in rodent management. The entire proceeding was well received by farmers and called for regular such meetings in effective translation of technologies at grass root level. Sri Pramod, Assistant Director, CDB, Bengaluru welcomed the gathering and Sri. Haridas Farm Manager, DSP Farm, Mandya proposed vote of thanks.  





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