KVK-Alappuzha conducted Agricultural technology meet in Kuttanad


ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra- Alappuzha organized a two days Agricultural technology Meet on 17th &18th, September, 2015 at Rice Research Station Campus, Moncompu to scale up the successful climate resilient technologies demonstrated in Muttar panchayath under the NICRA project for the past 4 years to different parts of Kuttanad region. The programme was organized with support from Champakulam block Panchayath, Department of Agriculture, ATMA –Alappuzha and Rice Research Station, Moncompu.

Smt.Moncy Sony, President, Champakulam block panchayath inaugurated the technology meet on 17th in which Sri. George Mathew Panjimaram, Vice president, Champakulam block panchayath, Smt Rejimol Purushothaman, Ex. President, Muttar grama panchyath, Dr. K. J. Joseph, Head, KVK-Kottayam, Dr. Reena Mathew, Head, RRS, Moncompu addressed the gathering.  Dr. P. Muralidharan, Senior Scientist and Head, KVK-Alappuzha moderated the interface programme followed and presented the topic ‘resource conserving and eco friendly technologies in paddy’. Sri.Rajeev M S, SMS (Agronomy) presented the technologies tissue culture banana cultivation and rain shelter cultivation of vegetables to overcome flood in Kuttanad.  Sri P A Thomas, Sri ST Chacko, Smt. Rejimol Purushothaman, Sri S. Xavier and Sri Jojan George, farmers from Muttar panchayath shared their experience on these technologies. About 150 farmers attended and interacted in the deliberations on the first day.

The seminar-cum – interface programme on 18th started with introductory remarks by Dr. V. Krishnakumar, Head, ICAR-CPCRI, Kayamkulam. Dr. P. Muralidharan, Head, KVK –Alappuzha lead the interface programme in which Dr. S Ravi , SMS presented the climate resilient practices in poultry, goat and dairy enterprises; Dr. K. Sajnanath, SMS (Soil Science) explained  the success of composting of aquatic weeds using EM solution and the use of portable biogas units for homestead waste management;Smt. Lekha G, SMS (Pl. Pathology), highlighted the potential  of mushroom cultivation in Kuttanad ; and  Smt. Jissy George, SMS (Home science), elaborated the possibilities of value addition of coconut and homestead  fruits from Kuttanad region. Dr.Sunilkumar, Chief Veterinary Officer, Alappuzha, Smt.Rosamma Varghese, Accredited Engineer, Muttar panchayath and Dr. Elizabeth,Asst.Professor, KVK-Kottayam further supported these technologies as resource persons.Sri.Suresh Kumar, Smt. Maniamma Thankapan, Sri. Jomon Xavier and Smt Beena Jospeh, farmers from Muttar shared their successful experience on these activities taken up with support of KVK.

A calendar depicting the day to day operations for integrated management with resource conserving and eco-friendly approach for paddy cultivation in Kuttanad was released in the technology meet .Six leaflets (in Malayalam) on “Tricho cards against leaf folder and stem borer in Paddy”, “ Pseudomonas for disease defence in paddy”, “ Banana a blessing”, “ Climate resilient technologies in poultry rearing”, “Biogas production through organic recycling” and “Compost making from aquatic weeds” were also released during the occasion.An exhibition illustrating  the technologies in the form of models, posters and panels arranged as part of the meet attracted the farmers. More than 250 farmers from 12 panchayaths of Champakulam and Veliyanadu blocks of the Kuttanad Taluk actively participated the two days programme.


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