Kalparasa trademark registered by ICAR-CPCRI for non-alcoholic beverages from coconut spadix


ICAR-CPCRI has got registered the ‘Trademark’in the Trademarks Registryof Intellectual Property Indiain Mumbai. It is registered in the name of the parent society, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, with Trade Mark No. 2813919,w.e.f. 22-09-2014. ‘Kalparasa’  isa hygienic and unfermented sap collected from coconut spadix using the ICAR-CPCRI technology. "Kalparasa"  brand is used by CPCRI, since 2013, which is now registered under class 32, "Mineral and aerated waters and non-alcoholic beverages; fruit beverages and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages". A copy of the trademark is provided here for depicting the same.

ICAR-CPCRI is intendes to use the Kalparasa® trademark for a variety of non-alcoholic beverages from  coconutsap collected using the ICAR-CPCRI technology. Kalparasa,thus collected is not only ideal as health drink, but also can be used for preparingvarious value added productsviz. coconut sugar, jaggary, concentrate, syrup etc.  without the addition of any chemicals. Thus, complete package of technologies and machineries for the 'production-to-consumption value chain' for Kalparasa have been developed at ICAR-CPCRI, and commercialized to a number of entrepreneurs in differentstates