Interactive Workshop on Coconut Red Palm Weevil convened at Kayamkulam


A one-day Interactive Workshop on Participatory Extension Approach for Coconut Red Palm Weevil Management was conducted at ICAR-CPCRI, Regional Station, Kayamkulam on 02-12-2015 as concluding part of the State Planning Board funded project carried out by Dr. P. Anithakumari, Principal Scientist (Ag. Extension). The project was operational at Bharanikavu Gramapanchayat in 200o ha area cutting across 21 wards for a period of two years (2013-2015) involving 7500 farm family members based on profile of 1,75,000 palms of various age groups and management options, wherein 4.12% of the palms were found infested. The project interventions could bring down the red palm infestation level ranging from 30% to 88% in different wards, with an average of 55.85%.

Dr. V. Krishnakumar, Head of the Station chaired the Interactive Workshop. In his presidential address, he highlighted the presence of denser volatile cues of coconut in root (wilt) disease zone inciting red palm weevil attack in a significant manner. He further opined keen observational skill in early detection of the pest for imparting timely management strategies so as to avoid crop loss.

In her inaugural address, Smt Rajini Jayadev, President, Bharanikkavu Block Panchayat highlighted the success of the project in effective suppression of the pest in Bharanikkavu Grama panchayat and called upon to replicate the module in other Grama Panchayats too. She stressed that the programme was an eye-opener among the farmers in close understanding and monitoring the pest in synergy with the implementation of RPW management strategies through Coconut Plant Protection Surveillance Groups (CPPSG).  Inauguration of workshop by Prof. V. Vasudevan, President, Bharanikkavu Panchayat released the workshop proceedings entitled “Compendium on Participatory Community Extension Approach for Coconut Red Palm Weevil Management-A Village Experience Model”. Dr. V. Krishnakumar, Head released the “Pictorial Handbook for Farmers” studded with cartoon photographs depicting key diagnostic symptoms of red palm weevil and its management. The booklet was a master piece of imagination and knowledge delivery catching the minds of farmers.


Sri Kattanam Shaji, Chairman, Coconut Producers Company, Smt Beena Natesh, Deputy Director of Agriculture, Alappuzha, Smt Beena Kumari, Project Director, KCPM, Moncompu, Sri. Radhakrishnan, Deputy Director, ATMA, Alappuzha district offered felicitations and shared their experiences during the workshop.

A token of appreciation was presented to Bharanikkavu Panchayat members by ICAR-CPCRI for their excellent cooperation encouraging convergence of State Department of Agriculture, Scientists and farmers towards the success of the programme. Sri Jaimon George, an enterprising and youth innovative famer practicing coconut-based farming system approach in the panchayat was awarded during the workshop.  Certificate of merit was also bestowed upon to three Coconut Producers Federations of the panchayat in connection with mobilization of farmers during the operation of the project.

The Technical Session was chaired by Dr. C.P. Radhakrishnan Nair, former Head and he shared his research experiences on IPM in coconut. Technical papers were also presented by Dr. Merin Babu, Scientist, Dr. P. Anithakumari, and Dr. A. Joseph Rajkumar, Principal Scientists highlighting on coconut diseases inciting RPW attack, field-level experiences in project implementation and advances in red palm weevil management, respectively. The farmer-participatory extension outreach programme for knowledge delivery towards attaining sustainable crop management strategies is the lesson learnt for community-mode strategy in the implementation of RPW Management programme.

Dr. A. Joseph Rajkumar, PS welcomed the delegates and Dr. P. Anithakumari, PS proposed vote of thanks.