1.   Pamphlet1(Coconut-Package of Practices)

2.   Pamphlet1E(Package of Practices for Coconut)

3.   Pamphlet1E(Package of Practices for Coconut) January 1978

4.   Pamphlet1E(Package of Practices for Coconut) February1986

5.   Pamphlet1E(Package of Practices for Coconut) July 1989

6.   Pamphlet1E(Package of Practices for Coconut) November 1991

7.   Pamphlet1K(Thengu Krishiya Package Padhathi)

8.   Pamphlet2(Arecanut-Package of Practices)

9.   Pamphlet2(Arecanut-Package of Practices)March 1985

10. Pamphlet2(Arecanut-Package of Practices) 1989

11. Pamphlet2E(Package of Practices for Arecanut)

12. Pamphlet2E(Package of Practices for Arecanut)1976

13. Pamphlet2E(Package of Practices for Arecanut)1979

14. Pamphlet2E(Package of Practices for Arecanut)1988

15. Pamphlet2K(Adike Krishiya Package Padhathi)

16. Pamphlet4(Cocoa-Package of Practices)

17. Pamphlet4E(Package of Practices for Cocoa)

18. Pamphlet4E(Package of Practices for Cocoa) July 1978

19. Pamphlet4K(Cocoa Krishiya Package Padhathi)

20. Pamphlet5E(Progress of work on Root(Wilt) Disease of Coconut)

21. Pamphlet6(Nursery Manual for Coconut)

22. Pamphlet6(Nursery Manual for Coconut) 1980

23. Pamphlet6M(Cocoa Krishiku Oru Package Padhathi)

24. Pamphlet7(Pepper-Package of Practices)

25. Pamphlet7E(Kurumulaku Krishiku Oru Package Padhathi) 1979

26. Pamphlet7E(Package of Practices for Pepper) 1979

27. Pamphlet7E(Package of Practices for Pepper)

28. Pamphlet7K(Kaalumenasu Krishiya Package Padhathi)

29. Pamphlet8(Cashew-Package of Practices)

30. Pamphlet8E(Package of Practices for Cashew)

31. Pamphlet8E(Package of Practices for Cashew) 1979

32. Pamphlet9(Ginger-Package of Practices)

33. Pamphlet9E(Package of Practices for Ginger)

34. Pamphlet9K(Shunti Krishiya Package Padhathi)

35. Pamphlet9M(Inji Krishiku Oru Package Padhathi)

36. Pamphlet10(Turmeric-Package of Practices)

37. Pamphlet10E(Package of Practices for Turmeric)

38. Pamphlet10K(Arashina Krishiya Package Padhathi)

39. Pamphlet10M(Manjal Krishiku Oru Package Padhathi)

40. Pamphlet11E(Introducing CPCRI)

41. Pamphlet12E(Package of Practices for Tree Spices)

42. Pamphlet12M(Sugandhadravyangalku Oru Package Padhathi)

43. Pamphlet13E(Recommendations for Cardamom)

44. Pamphlet14(Coconut Bunch Support)

45. Pamphlet15(A Knife for harvesting Cacao and A small Drier for Cacao Beans)

46. Pamphlet16(Promising Coconut Cultivars and Hybrids)

47. Pamphlet16(Promising Coconut Cultivars and Hybrids)1980

48. Pamphlet17(Root-Knot Nematode of Cardamom and its control)

49. Pamphlet18(Technique for Commercial Production of Coconut Hybrids)

50. Pamphlet19(Oil Palm)

51. Pamphlet19(Oil Palm) October1987

52. Pamphlet21K(CPCRI Samshodhana Kendra Hirahalli)

53. Pamphlet22(CPCRI Research Centre Mohitnagar-Research Accomplishments)

54. Pamphlet23(Paddy Cum Fish Culture)

55. Pamphlet28(Cardamom-Package of Practices)

56. Pamphlet29(ICAR Research Complex for Lakshadweep(CPCRI)-Research Accomplishments)

57. Pamphlet30(Thanjavur Wilt/Ganoderma Disease of Coconut)

58. Pamphlet31(Drip Irrigation for Coconut)

59. Pamphlet33(Management of Nematode Diseases in Coconut and Arecanut Based Farming                     Systems)


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