CPCRI Scientists visited flood affected areas in Nileshwaram, Kasaragod


A multi disciplinary team of scientists of ICAR- CPCRI (Dr. K Muralidharan, Head Social science, Dr. Ravibhat, A/c Head Crop production Dr. A. C Mathew, Principal Scientist, Soil and water conservation,  Dr. Neenu S. Scientist soil Science, Dr. Prathibha P S, Scientist Entomology) along with Dr. Nidheesh, Asst. Professor, College of Agriculture Padannakad and Mrs. Shreya, Agricultural Development Officer visited flood affected areas in Nileswaram on 27th October.  Chairman of Nileswaram municipality Prof.  K P Jayaraj, Vice chair person  Mrs. V Gouri, panchayat members Mrs. Vanaja and Agri officer Mrs. Reshma T. accompanied the scientists along with the secretaries of padashekharam and a few farmers.  

Maximum damage occurred to paddy fields where the crop was in submerged condition for more than six days and silt got accumulated at certain points and top soil got eroded at certain other locations. Few coconut and arecanut palms were uprooted or broken. However, bud rot of coconut at various stages was observed in many gardens. Unprecedented rainfall was the majour reason for the flood. However, inundation for such a long period, up to six days in certain areas, is due to poor drainage facility. Majority of the drains, especially from the paddy fields, got silted during previous years thereby reducing its carrying capacity. Width of the drains, even culverts constructed above it, was not sufficient to carry the flood water. After the field visit a meeting was arranged to appraise the farmers the short term and long term remedial measures to be undertaken by various stakeholders to mitigate the effects of the flood.


  • Cutting and removal of dead palms which would be serve as reservoir of bud rot pathogen (Phytophthora palmivora) in coming days
  • Curative treatment of bud rot affected palms.  ie., swabbing of 10 % Bordeaux paste after chiseling out the rotten portion, cover it with polythene and remove the polythene once it is cured. If needed repeat the application by swabbing of 10 % Bordeaux paste / pouring of 1 % Bordeaux mixture.
  • Crown pouring of 300 ml of 1% Bordeaux mixture around the spindle as prophylactic measure to the young palms and palms near to the bud rot affected palms
  • Paddy crops that are severely affected may be incorporated in soil and second crop sowing may be taken up                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



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