Transfer of Technology


Institutional and off campus training programmes

Institutional and off campus training programmes on various aspects of production, protection and processing of coconut, arecanut and cocoa are organized at the HQ, regional stations and research centres of the Institute to benefit farmers and extension personnel. Besides, training programmes are also conducted on selected topics on request from individuals and organizations for which training fee will be charged. (Details under training programmes)

Front Line Demonstration programmes

Front line demonstration programmes on selected technologies relating to farming systems, INM, IPM, IDM and Post Harvest Technologies in coconut, arecanut and cocoa are being organised in farmers field for convincing the farmers about the viability of the technologies and to obtain proper feedback from farmers on the constraints in adoption of the recommended technologies.

Utilization of media and other extension  methods for Transfer of Technology in coconut,  arecanut and cocoa

The following activities are regularly taken up to effectively utilize various media and methods of extension for effective TOT in coconut, arecanut and cocoa:

Cyber Extension Activities

CPCRI has implemented many of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT )initiatives in the lines of Web-based systems, interactive software and cyber extension. To place CPCRI in the arena of Internet to communicate research result to the end users, a website of CPCRI was developed and hosted under the URL Farmers and extension personnel seek clarifications on queries through online query facility provided at the website.

ATIC also utilizes the advances in ICT in transfer of technology to farmers in single window concept. Kiosks, web based consultancies and e-mail and mobile based queries for technological clarification of farmers are some of the initiatives implemented through ATIC.

Software developed at CPCRI

Research-Extension-Farmer Interface facilitated through video conferencing videoconferencing

CPCRI has launched cyber extension activities utilizing the videoconferencing facility  covering Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Orissa, Bihar and West Bengal as part of strengthening the technology transfer programmes of the Institute in mandate crops viz., coconut, arecanut and cocoa. A group video conferencing system through ISDN was installed at the ATIC, CPCRI, Kasaragod to facilitate interaction between various stakeholders for enhancing technology utilization in coconut, arecanut and cocoa.  The video conferencing facility is effectively utilized for scheduling and implementing interface programmes at regular intervals involving various stake holders including researchers, extension personnel, farmers and entrepreneurs. It enables Interaction of farmers at remote villages with the subject matter specialists of the institute and other centres thereby reducing the time, effort and cost in transfer of know-how from lab to field.

Extension Research

Besides organizing extension activities, Extension section of Division of Social Sciences also undertakes studies on various aspects of technology generation, transfer and utilization in coconut, arecanut and cocoa as follows.