Agri-bioinformatics promotion centre (ABPC) was sanctioned by DIT (Department of Information Technology) with an outlay of Rs. 2.2 crores. Four projects are under taken under agribioinformatics, Phytoplasma genomics, palms genomics, cocoa genomics and PGPRs.


Sun Fire X2200 Server
StorageTek SL24   Tape library
Sun storage 7210 storage server -11.5 TB capacity Sun Microsystems Workstation ultra 24

Operating Systems

Redhat Linux Enterprise 5, Sun Solaris & Windows XP


Commercial Software: Schrodinger Maestro

Websites, databases and tools developed so far:

Web sites

Website 1: PHYTODB

PHYTODB, an in silico server contains taxonomic, genomic and proteomic information of different phytoplasmas. It provides a graphical user interface to access data and tools to perform similarity search (Hlogs), multiple sequence alignment (MSalign), phylogenitic analysis (PhyloClass) and phytoplasma group identification (GroupIdentifier). The server provides a source to rapidly access the current knowledge about phytoplasma groups and it helps to differentiate and classify new phytoplasma for taxomonomic purposes. It provides a unified gateway to store, search, retrieve and update information about phytoplasma groups and its related proteins and genes. This phytoplasma database provides the phytoplasma research community a useful information resource and analysis platform.

Website 2: Agribioinformatics


A DIT sponsored concerted approach to raise awareness about bio-informatics application and augmenting skills for its implementation in agriculture research and crop productivity improvement is underway at various institutes across India. The major focus is on molecular characterization of plants to come out with cures for disease pathogens, development of algorithm for gene annotation, a database on Indian IPR wheat genotypes et al. The other participating institutes include S.D. Agriculture University, Gujarat, Indira Gandhi Krishi Viswavidyala Raipur Chatisgarh, Assam Agriculture University, Jorhat and Directorate of Wheat Research, Karnal, Haryana.


  1. ProtB
  2. DBgene
  3. G-Nome
  4. E-Lite
  5. 16Sr Group


  1. Hlogs
  2. GroupIdentifier
  3. MSalign
  4. PhyloClass