Analytical Service


Consultancy Charges for Laboratory Tests and Other Services

SlNo. Item Rate / Amount Remarks

I. Charges for field layout etc./hectare

a) Field layout of orchard (including watershed management). 3500/- ** 625/- per hectare for additional area
b) Field layout of HDMSC 4000/-  
c) Design of irrigation/ fertigation system 2500/-  
d) Field layout for seed garden for hybrids 4000/-  
II     Analysis of Soil Physical Properties
a) Bulk density 250/-  
b) Water Holding capacity 250/-  
III.  Analysis of Soil Fertility
a) pH 125/-  
b) EC 125  
c) CEC 300/-  
d) Available N 250/-  
e) Available P 250/-  
f) Available K 250/-  
g) Available Mg 250/-  
h) Available Ca 250/-  
i) Available S (Morgan’s Extract) 300/-  
j) DTPA-Fe, Cu, Mn, & Zn 625/-  
k) Boron (Hot water extraction) 500/-  
l) Org Carbon 250/-  
m) Complete analysis for soil fertility mentioned above 2500/-  
IV.   Analysis of compost/manures/organic materials
a) N,P,K & Org. C per sample 1250/-  
b) N,P,K, Org. C,  including Fe, Mn, Cu,  & Zn per sample 2500/-  
V.   Analysis of Fertilizer materials
a) N,P,K Analysis 2500/-  
b) N,P,K including Fe, Mn, Cu& Zn 3750/-  
VI. Plant Analysis
a) N 300/-  
b) P 300/-  
c) K 150/-  
d) Ca 200/-  
e) Mg 200/-  
f) S 250/-  
g) Fe 200/-  
h) Mn 200/-  
i) Zn 200/-  
j) Cu 200/-  
k) B 300/-  
l) Complete analysis of plant sample for above parameters 1500/-  
m) All micronutrients (FE, Mn, Zn, Cu, B) 600/-  
n) NPK analysis 600/-  
VII. Water Analysis
a) pH 50/-  
b) EC 50/-  
c) SO4 200/-  
d) Bicarbonate 150/-  
e) Nitrate 150/-  
f) Ammonia 150/-  
g) Sodium 100/-  
h) K 100/-  
i) Ca 150/-  
j) Mg 150/-  
k) Complete analysis of above parameters 1000/-  
VIII. GC Analysis
a) Charges per sample (For students) 750/-  
b) Charges per sample (For Industries) 1250/-  
IX    Testing of chemicals (Pertaining to manufacturing companies)    
a) Field testing of chemicals such as pesticides, nematicides, fungicides and bactericides, hormones, weedicides, fertilizers, plant products, organic manures etc. (per dose per annum) 3500/-  
b) Bioassay test.per chemical 20,000/-  
c) Evaluation of hormones traps against rhinoceros  beetle and red palm weevil.Four traps/month 2500/-  
X    Pathological Tests    
a) Isolation of fungi/ bacteria/ per sample 750/-  
b) Identification of disease from specimen and advocating control measures 250/-  
c) ELISA test/ per sample 300/-  
XI    Entomological tests    
a) Identification of insect damage and advocating control measures 250/-  
b) Sale of parasitoid for the control of coconut leaf eating caterpillar/ per parasitoid 150  
XII    GC MS Facility

For Industries

Rs.1500/hr of instrument time with a minimum of Rs.1500/Sample

For Educational institutes/Govt.Labs

Rs.700/hr of instrument time with a minimum of Rs.700/Sample
XIII    Phenotypic Characterization for Bacteria using BIOLOG
  For Commercial Organization Rs.8,000/per Bacteria
  For Non- Commercial Res.Organization Rs.4,000/per Bacteria
XIV   16 Sr RNA Gene(partial) Sequencing for Bacteria & BLAST  Search Analysis
  For Commercial Organization Rs.16,000/per Bacteria
  For Non-Commercial Res.Organization Rs.12,000/per Bacteria
XV   Charges for EAG (Electroantennogram) Facility
  For Industries Rs.1500/sample/hour
  Academia/Govt. Industries Rs.700/sample/hour


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