Technical Bulletin



1.    Technical Bulletin No:1(Bibliography of Arecanut)

2.    Technical Bulletin No:1(Coconut Diseases of Uncertain Technology)

3.    Technical Bulletin No:4(Kerala Coconut Replanting Project(KCRP))

4.    Technical Bulletin No:5(The Coconut Root(Wilt) Disease-A State of the Art Report)

5.    Technical Bulletin No:6(Research Highlights 1980)

6.    Technical Bulletin No:8 (Coconut Root(Wilt) Disease-A practical approach-"Contain the disease             and live with it")

7.    Technical Bulletin No:9 (25 Years of Arecanut Research and Development)

8.    Technical Bulletin No:10 (Arecanut Yellow Leaf Disease)

9.    Technical Bulletin No:11 ('Katte' Disease of small Cardamom and its management)                                 September1983

10.  Technical Bulletin No:11 ('Katte' Disease of small Cardamom and its management)

11.  Technical Bulletin No:12(Cost of Production and Cost-Benifit Analysis of Smallholder Plantation             Crops)

12.  Technical Bulletin No:13(Smallholders Copra Drier using agricultural waste as fuel)

13.  Technical Bulletin No:14 (Coconut Root Wilt Disease(Present Status of Research and                               Management))

14.  Technical Bulletin No:15 (Solar and Electical Copra Dryers)

15.  Technical Bulletin No:17(Guidelines for establishing coconut seed gardens in India)

16.  Technical Bulletin No:18(ICAR Research Complex for Goa)

17.  Technical Bulletin No19 (Coconut Root(Wilt) Disease-A Discourse)

18.  Technical Bulletin No20 (Promising Coconut Cultivars and Hybrids)

19.  Technical Bulletin No22 (Elite Coconut Seed Garden and commercial production of Hybrids)

20.  Technical Bulletin No23 (Intercropping in Coconut Garden)

21.  Technical Bulletin No:24 (Mixed Cropping)

22.  Technical Bulletin No:26 (Rodent and other vertebrate pest management in coconut and cocoa)

23.  Technical Bulletin No:27 (The Leaf eating Caterpillar of coconut palm)

24.  Technical Bulletin No:29 (Copra Dryers)

25.  Technical Bulletin No:30 (Basal Stem Rot Disease of Coconut)

26.  Technical Bulletin No:34 (Promising Coconut Cultivars and Hybrids)

27.  Technical Bulletin No:38 (Leaf Rot Disease of Coconut)

28.  Technical Bulletin No:39 (Arecanut Yellow Leaf Disease)

29.  Technical Bulletin No:40 (Boron Deficiency in coconut- Diagnosis and Correction)

30.  Technical Bulletin No:41 (Statistical Methods for Experiments in Plantation Crops)

31.  Technical Bulletin No:42 (Mixed Cropping of Black Pepper in Coconut and Arecanut Gardens)

32.  Technical Bulletin No:45 (Coconut Embryo Culture-protocol for Germplasm Collection)

33Technical Bulletin No:49 (Integrated nutrient management in coconut based croping system)

34.  Technical Bulletin No:51(Palm Tissue and Organ Culture Protocols)

35.  Technical Bulletin No:55(Integrated Pest Management in Coconut)

36.  Technical Bulletin No:57(Hybridization Technique in Coconut(English))

37.  Technical Bulletin No:61(Virgin Coconut Oil)

38.  Technical Bulletin No:62(Commercial Production of Coconut Chips)

39.  Technical Bulletin No:63(cryopreservation of coconut zygotic embroys and pollen)

40Technical Bulletin No:64(Package of practices for organic farming in coconut)

41. Technical Bulletin No:65(Integrated Management of Root(Wilt)Disease Affected Coconut Gardens Through Cropping/Farming System Approach)

42.  Technical Bulletin66(Cocoa planting material production)

43.  Technical Bulletin No:67(Calendar for Arecanut)

44.  Technical Bulletin No:69(Theng vila paripalana reethikal)

45.  Technical Bulletin No:72 (25 Years of Research on"Breeding for Resistance/Tolerance to Coconut Root(Wilt) Disease")

46. Technical Bulletin No:73 (Pest Management in Coconut Nursery)

47. Technical Bulletin No:74 (Nariyal chips ka vanigyak udhpathan)-(Hindi)

48. Technical Bulletin No:75 (Virgin Coconut Oil)-(Hindi)

49.  Technical Bulletin No:78 (Coconut Based Integrated Farming System)

50.  Technical Bulletin No:80 (CPCRI Regional Station Kayamkulam at a glance)

51.  Technical Bulletin No:81 (Kendra Thottavila Gaveshana Sthapanam Kayamkulam (Malayalam))

52.  Technical Bulletin:85(Research Accomplishments of AICRP on Palms)

53.  Technical Bulletin:86(Four decades of CPCRI interventions on coconut-based island ecosystem at         Minicoy, Lakshadweep)

54.  Technical Bulletin:87(Coconut Varieties and Hybrids)

55.  Technical Bulletin No:88 (A Decade of Growth and Achievements of CPCRI 2005-2014)

56.  Technical Bulletin No:91 (Root (wilt) Disease of Coconut-Bench to Bunch Strategies)

57.  Technical Bulletin No:92 (Kalparasa: Collection and value addition)

58.  Technical Bulletin No:93 (Invasive Pests of Coconut)

59.  Technical Bulletin No:94 (CPCRI - A Century of Service to the Nation Empowering Stakeholders)

60.  Technical Bulletin No:97 (Farmer Field School (FFS) in Coconut-Participatory biomanagement of Rhinoceros Beetle)

61. Technical Bulletin No:98 (Community based extension mechanisms for pest and disease management of coconut)

62. Technical Bulletin No:99 (Floriculture for Enhancing Profitability of Coconut Gardens)

63.  Technical bulletin No:100(Thenginte arogya paripalanam(mal))

64. Technical Bulletin No:104 (Coconut Varietal Improvement Efforts of AICRP on Palms)

65. Technical Bulletin No:105 (Kalparasa: Collection and value addition)(Kannada)

66. Technical Bulletin No:106 (Kalparasa: Collection and value addition)(Malayalam)

67.Technical Bulletin No:107 (Coconut Chips Entrepreneurship Driven ICAR-CPCRI Technology for Healthy Alternative Non-Fried Snack Food)

68. Technical Bulletin No:108 ( Virgin Coconut Oil Hot and Fermentation Process)

69.Technical Bulletin No:109(Nursery Manual on Cocoa)

70.  Technical Bulletin No:116(Thengu (Kannada) )

71.Technical Bulletin No:132(Thengu -Krishireetikal)

72. Technical Bulletin No:117(Invasive Rugose Spiralling Whitefly on Coconut)

73.   Technical Bulletin No: 133 (Coconut (English) ) (2018)
74. Technical Bulletin No: 135 (Adike Krishi Padhathigalu (Kannada)) (2018)
75. Technical Bulletin No: 136 (Cocoa Krishi Margadharshi (Kannada)) (2018)
76. Technical Bulletin No:139 (Cocoa Nursery Kaipidi (Kannada)) (2018)
77 .  Technical Bulletin No: 141 (Thengina sudharitha thaligalu mattu sankaranagalu ( Kannada)) (2019)
78.   Technical Bulletin No: 142 (Thenginte keeta roga bhadha Uttara Keralathil(Malayalam)) (2019)
79. Technical Bulletin No: 146 (Kamuku vilaparipalana reethikal samyojitha laghulekha (Malayalam))

80.  Technical Bulletin(Agronomic Strategies for managing Root(Wilt) affected coconut                                 gardens(English))

81.  Technical Bulletin(Calendar for Cocoa(English))

82.  Technical Bulletin(Calendar for Cocoa(Hindi))

83.  Technical Bulletin(Calendar for Cocoa(Kannada))

84.  Technical Bulletin (Cocoa beeja samsakarane mattu chocolate utpadhane(Kannada))

85.  Technical Bulletin(Cocoa Cultivation Practices (English))

86.  Technical Bulletin(Cocoa Cultivation Practices (Kannada))

87.  Technical Bulletin(Cocoa Cultivation Practices (Malayalam))

88.  Technical Bulletin(Cocoa Cultivation Practices (Tamil))

89.  Technical Bulletin(CPCRI Kayamkulam(mal))

 90.   Technical Bulletin (Documentation of elite coconut mother palms for augmenting quality planting material production in coconut growing regions)

91.  Technical Bulletin(Drought Management in Coconut Gardens )

92.  Technical Bulletin(Management of Coconut Leaf Rot Disease)

93.  Technical Bulletin(Mycoplasma Diseases of Coconut with Special Reference to Root(Wilt)           Disease)

94.  Technical Bulletin(Pruning and Canopy Management in Cocoa)

95.  Technical Bulletin(Red Palm Weevil in Coconut Knack to Crack Trajectory)


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