1.    Arecanut

2.    Arecanut Cultivation Practices (English)

3.     Adike Krishi Padhathigalu (Kannada) (2018)

4.    Arecanut Cultivation Practices (Kannada)

5.    Arecanut Cultivation Practices (Malayalam)

6.    Arecanut Cultivation Practices(mal)

7.    Arecanut Cultivation Practices(kannada)   

8.    Arecanut Cultivation Practices (Tamil)

9.    Calendar for Arecanut

10.     Indigenous knowledge in Coconut and Arecanut Cultivation

11.    Integrated management of Root Grubs in Arecanut (English)

12.  Integrated management of Root Grubs in Arecanut (Kannada)

13.  Planting material for Arecanut(Tamil)

14.  The arecanut palm

15.  25 Years of arecanut research & development

16.  Technical Bulletin No:1(Bibliography of Arecanut)

17.  Technical Bulletin No:10 (Arecanut Yellow Leaf Disease)

18.  Technical Bulletin No:39 (Arecanut Yellow Leaf Disease)

19.  Extension Folder2(Arecanut Yellow Leaf Disease)

20.  Extension Folder6(Mangala-A high yielding Arecanut Variety)

21.  Extension Folder7(Pedal Operated Arecanut Dehusker(Scissors Type))

22.  Extension Folder10(Spindle Bug of Arecanut)

23.  Extension Folder16(Scale Insects and mealy bugs of coconut)

24.  Extension Folder17(Koleroga(Mahali) of Arecanut)

25.  Extension Folder19(The Burrowing Nematode-Radopholus Similis)

26.  Extension Folder20(Ganoderma or Anabe disease of Arecanut)

27.  Extension Folder-244(Soil and leaf sampling methods in arecanut and cocoa)

28.  Extension Folder-245(Soil and leaf sampling methods in arecanut and cocoa)(Kannada)

29.   Extension Folder 256 (Entomopathogenic Nematode (EPN) for the Management of Root grub in Arecanut)

30.  Pamphlet2(Arecanut-Package of Practices)

31.  Pamphlet2E(Package of Practices for Arecanut)

32.  Pamphlet2K(Adike Krishiya Package Padhathi)

33.  Pamphlet21K(CPCRI Samshodhana Kendra Hirahalli)

34.  Pamphlet33(Management of Nematode Diseases in Coconut and Arecanut Based Farming         Systems)

35.  Research Farmer Extension Interface on Coconut and Arecanut

36. Entrepreneur and Farmer Friendly Technologies