Technologies for Commercialisation





Coconut Varieties

  1. Chowghat Orange Dwarf (Tender nut variety)
  2. Kera Chandra
  3. Chandra Kalpa
  4. Kalpa Dhenu
  5. Kalpa Mitra
  6. Kalpa Pratibha
  7. Kalpa Raksha
  8. Kalpasree
  9. Kalpatharu
  10. Kalpa Jyothi
  11. Kalpa Surya
  12. Kalpa Haritha

Coconut Hybrids

  1. Chandra Laksha
  2. Chandra Sankara
  3. Kera Sankara
  4. Kalpa Samrudhi
  5. Kalpa Sankara

Arecanut Varieties

  1. Mangala
  2. Sumangala
  3. Sreemangala
  4. Mohitnagar
  5. Swarnamangala
  6. Kahikuchi

Arecanut Hybrids

  1. VTLAH1
  2. VTLAH2

Cocoa Varieties

  1. VTLCC-1
  2. VTLCS-1
  3. VTLCS-2

Cocoa Hybrids

  1. VTLCH-1
  2. VTLCH-2
  3. VTLCH-3
  4. VTLCH-4


  1. Mass production of arecanut varieties by tissue culture.
  2. Embryo collection protocol for coconut germplasm collection.


  1. PGPRs for coconut and cocoa.
  2. Bioagent- Oryctes Baculovirus against Rhinoceros Beetle.
  3. Bioagents such as- Goniozus nephantidis and Bracon brevicornis against coconut black headed caterpillar, Opisina arenosella.
  4. Production of oyster mushroom using arecanut wastes.
  5. Mass production of Trichoderma and Metarhizium using cocoa sweating as medium.
  6. On-farm production of Trichoderma and Metarhizium using cocoa wastes.

Devices and machinery

  1. Coconut de-shelling machine (Patent: 233742)
  2. Tender nut punch and cutter (Patent: 233744)
  3. Telescopic sprayer for Palms (Patent: 246751)
  4. Snow Ball Tender nut Machine.
  5. Shell Fired Copra Dryer.
  6. Solar- cum- Electrical- cum- Agricultural Waste Fired Dryer.
  7. Solar Tunnel Dryer.
  8. Agricultural Waste Fired Copra Dryer.
  9. Coconut Shell removing mechine
  10. Construction of permanent semi-underground mushroom house.

Product/ process

  1. Coconut leaf vermicompost.
  2. Coconut Chips.
  3. Virgin coconut oil preparation by fermentation.
  4. Virgin coconut oil preparation by hot processing.
  5. Coconut water squash.
  6. Neera collection technique
  7. Coconut sugar, coconut jaggery and coconut honey
  8. Technical knowhow of production of Kalpa Krunch (coconut based snack)
  9. Preservation of carbonated tender coconut water
  10. Coconut Frozen Delicacy (pure coconut vegan frozen dessert)
  11. Matured Coconut water based value added products (Vinegar, Jelly, Squash)

Coconut based Value added products for commercialization


1)    Nutritious tender coconut chips: It’s a ready to eat crispy, crunchy and healthy snack prepared by osmotic dehydration and subsequent drying of coconut kernel at 70 degree temperature. It can be prepared in various flavors like vanilla, strawberry, pineapple, chat masala, tomato etc.  It is highly rich in fiber and nutrients. 

Technology transfer fee : 25,000/-


2)    Virgin Coconut Oil: Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the most demanded product in global market. Due to its high medicinal and cosmetic value it is accepted by all class of customers across the globe. VCO is very useful for fat loss, improving immunity of the body, removing dandruff, skin purification, reduce cholesterol etc. We have developed a complete package for the producing the most purest form of Virgin Coconut Oil. We have two methods of VCO production, namely Hot process and Fermentation or cold process.  Technology transfer fee : 40,000/-


3)    Kalpa Krunch: In short note it is a very unique product!! its a innovative products developed by ICAR-CPCRI. The main beauty of this product is that it doesn’t have any competitors globally as its totally developed by us. It is prepared from coconut residue obtained after extracting the coconut milk. In shape and texture wise it is similar to the product "Kurkure" of Pepsico company ltd, but totally different in the content and taste. If is highly nutritious and healthy snack which will be preferred by all class of customers. It can be prepared in different flavors, as of  now, we have developed tomato flavor, masala, sweet and coriander. It have a wide scope of market as totally unexplored global market is out there.

Technology transfer fee : 1,00,000/-


4)    Matured Coconut water based value added product: Its is a package of technologies. In this we provide training on production of coconut vinegar, coconut squash, coconut jelly and other  products which can be prepared from matured coconut water. By opting this technology alone with the technology of other coconut value added product, we can make use of coconut water to convert to usable value added products, rather than dumping it out. 

Technology transfer fee : 15,000/-


5)    Tapping of Kalparasa (TRADE MARK)  and its value addition: In this technology we provide training for the most hygienic way of tapping neera from the coconut sap by using a simple innovative device (patented) called “coco sap chiller” (CSC), using it we are able to collect cent percent unfermented pure form of neera without any dust particle and other impurities. We also train you in production of value added products which can be prepared from processing neera like coconut sugar, coconut honey etc. We have also developed neera bottling technology, using this method pure neera can be preserved under refrigeration condition without fermentation for more than 45 days. We have received trade mark for Kalparasa, which you can used in your packing.

Technology transfer fee: 100000/- 


6)    Preservation of carbonated tender coconut water:  In this technology we will provide you hands on training for preserving of carbonated tender coconut water. It can be preserved more than 60 days. Its very healthy ready to  drink nutritious  carbonatedbeverage. Its a very refreshing drink and have a peak demand in the market. As we are not adding another other external source of preservative/chemical, it delivers the exact taste of tender coconut water.

Technology transfer fee: 25,000/-


7) Frozen Coconut Delicacy: It’s a pure vegetarian form of ice cream developed under ICAR-CPCRI, Kasaragod prepared using coconut milk and coconut sugar. Unlike other coconut ice cream available in the market, it is 100%  pure coconut products based ice cream. It in light brown in color with have very creamy texture. It is highly healthy, delicious and rich in nutrients. It is a very unique form of invention.

Technology transfer fee: 1,00,000/-


(ICAR-CPCRI has also have solution for the utilization of the by and co-products such as vermi composting and mulching using coconut husk; utilization of coconut shell as fuel for VCO cooker, can given for activated carbon/charcoal production and copra production; Coconut vinegar, jelly and squash production from mature coconut water; high fibre bakery food/biscuit  and cattle feed from coconut testa; Low fat desiccated coconut powder, oil, bakery and extrudate food from coconut milk residue; and bakery, confectionery and extrudate food from VCO cake)


Benefits of buying technology from CPCRI

1) Technical support for establishing the unit, arranging machines, and production of the products.

2)Formulate marketing strategies/business plan to promote and support your business. 

3) IMPORTANT: You will be having the liberty to use CPCRI name and logo in the package of the product, by which you will get an extra exposure & trust, both in domestic and global market. As you know, a government product will have more acceptance & support than a newly evolving private company.

4) As we are continuously engaged in developing and improving the technologies, all the improvements made by us will be shared with you for further improvements of the products. So that you will be always updated in the market compare to the competitors.

5)Invite you in all the technology promotional activities and exhibitions conducted by CPCRI, to establish and to get publicity/promotion for your firm/products.


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