Research Centre - MOHITNAGAR


Scientist In charge: Dr. Arun Kumar Sit

Mohitnagar Research Centre was established in the year 1958 as Regional Arecanut Research Station under Central Arecanut Research Station. Later the centre was merged with the Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, Kasaragod in 1970 and designated as one of the important Research Centre for conducting location-specific and need based research on crop improvement, production, protection and extension on plantation crops and spices, in particular, to cater to the needs of the farming community of Sub Himalayan Terai region and other parts of the country.



The Centre is located at terai region of Easter Himalayan at Mohitnagar of Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal. It is 45 km of New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and 65 km away from Bagdogra Airport. Geographically, it is located at 260 31// N latitude and 880 5// E longitude with an altitude of 91.3 m above MSL.


The area is experiencing a typical sub Himalayan Agro-Climate. It receives an average rainfall of 3200 mm annually, 90 % of which is received due to South West Monsoon. The maximum temeperature varies from 180-380 C and the minimum temperature ranges from 60-180 C.


The soil is predominated with alluvium of the river Teesta, sandy loam in texture, rich in humus and acidic in nature (pH ranges from 4.5-6.0)


Presently, the centre is having a total of 65 acres of land with full occupancy with arecanut, coconut, oil palm, cashewnut and buildings.